Christmas Potluck! Eat and Be Merry!


Merry Christmas!


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As Christmas is approaching, Knox Academy will be celebrating the holiday with a potluck party on Friday, December 20th.  We will have games, a potluck lunch and early release at 11:30am.

There will also be a Christmas gifts handed out, generously hand-picked for each student from the members of Table of Grace Church.

Parents are welcome to stay with their students for the party to eat and be merry!

Please call or e-mail Miss Hollie for the potluck sign up (

Enjoy Christmas Break!
School resumes Jan. 6th 2014.

Merry Christmas!

Knox Academy

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

Knox staff is so thankful for the blessing of the students, and students and staff are thankful for the upcoming break!

Wednesday, November 27th, School will be released at 11:30. The School will be closed Thursday and Friday (November 28-29th) in observation of Thanksgiving.

School will resume on December 2nd.

We wish blessings to your families.


–Knox Staff–

End of First Quarter!

We are so proud of our hard working students!

Report Cards will be sent home the week of October 28th they need to be returned in a timely manner.  All report cards must be return by November 6th.

Students should be at the 25% completion mark in each of their courses, as the first quarter is closing. If students are not to the 25% mark, please encourage extra work to be completed at school or an assignment or two completed for homework, just until they are on track.  Students should be completing 6-8 assignments each day to stay on trek.

Please be mindful tardy marks count against your student, if a student acquires 3 tardy marks, it counts as an unexcused absent. Students may only have a total of 8.5 unexcused absences each quarter without reflection on their grades. If your student will be late or absent due to medical or emergency reasons, please contact the school office the day of incident.

If you have any concerns regarding grades or attendance please contact the school office.

Thank you for choosing Knox Academy for your student’s education. We are blessed to work with each student, and have seen such growth within the students in these short 9 weeks.

Upcoming Important Dates:
October 31st: Quarterly and Monthly Tuition Due
November 11th: Veteran’s Day; School Closed!
November 27th: Half-Day! Dismissal at 11:30!
November 28-29th: School Closed for Thanksgiving!

Fall Break Reminder!

Fall Break Reminder!

Dear parents,

Knox Academy will be releasing at 11:30 am on Friday, October 11th, and the school will be closed October 14th-15th.

School will resume October 16th.

Any questions? Please contact the school office.

Thank you, enjoy the break!

-Knox Staff-

Donation Received!

Today we received a donation from Reddit Gift Exchange for Teachers.  We are so excited to receive these pencils, notebooks and highlighters… things we always need! It is a blessing to receive an anonymous gift with so many uses.  Thank you so much!


School Closed for Labor Day!

We have had an excellent first few weeks of school.  The students are working hard in their courses, some students completing up to 15 assignments each day!  Great work!

We will be closed September 2nd for Labor Day.  School will resume on Tuesday, September 3rd at 8:00 am.

A few reminders for Parents:

  • If you do not have a school login please contact Miss Hollie at to set up your account immediately.
  • Curriculum and Registration Fees are now past due.  If your account is outstanding, you will receive invoices in the mail or via letter home with student.  If you have concerns or questions, contact the school office.
    • Note if accounts are in arrears for more than 30 days, students enrollment may become suspended due to non-payment.
  • Cell phones are not allowed at school.  Please encourage your students to leave cell phones at home or to turn them into the office.
    • If your student is found playing on their phones during school hours, the phone will be taken away by administration, and may only be retrieved by a parent or guardian.
  • Encourage your students to be on time, many students are coming in after 8:15 am.  Each tardy counts against their record, please help us in encouraging timeliness.
  • Parent Support Group is forming, contact Miss Hollie for details.

Have a blessed weekend!

-Knox Academy


Important Information for the Upcoming School Year!

August 21st — First Day of School!
School Times: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm

Curriculum Login:
Parent login is required to access student grades. If you have not received your parent login for the school curriculum please contact Mrs. Zeyher or Mr. Buck at the school, 239-221-7235.

Tuition and Fees:
Registration, Curriculum Fees and August Tuition are due immediately. Student accounts must be settled for students to attend school August 21st. New and returning students are required to submit Curriculum Fee in the amount of $200. All new students are required to submit their Registration Fee ($175).

Tardy and Absences:
Students arriving after 8:15 am will be marked tardy without sufficient notification from parents or guardian(s). Please note that 3 tardy marks translate to an unexcused absence. Students may have a maximum of 9 unexcused absences in a school year in order to receive grades and transcripts.
Excused absences require a medical note or parent/guardian signed note or phone call to administration on day absent.

Student Supply List:

• 1 package of 24ct. #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
• 1 box of colored pencils
• 1 large box of tissue
• 5 individual, different colored folders with pockets – 1 for each class
• 1 6-12ct. package of single-layer toilet paper

*Knox will supply headphones, rulers, calculators, pens, markers, computers, lined paper, notebooks.

Semester 1 Holidays:

• September 2 – Labor Day
• October 11-15 – Fall Break
• November 11 – Veteran’s Day
• November 27-29 – Thanksgiving Break
• December 20-January 8 – Christmas Break

Early Release Wednesdays:
Wednesday is early release day; students are dismissed each Wednesday at 1:30pm.

Parent Support Group:
Knox’ Parent support group is being created, for more information on how to join and meeting times please contact Mrs. Zeyher at

Workstudy Program:
Students eligible for work study leave must provide administration with their schedule in advance and will be dismissed at 12:15 pm per work days, please contact Mr. Buck for more information.

School Calendar 2013-14

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail. 239-221-7235 or

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